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 10 years at a time

in the 50's I was a child
big city, little neighborhood
Jewish, Catholic, Italian, Puerto Rican
walk to the movies West Side Story
roller skating life on wheels
do wop, puppy dogs

in the 60's I was a hippie, a learner, a dancer
Newark race riots, they don't understand
college life up all night, so many profound things to talk about
all you need is love, give peace a chance
expand your mind p s y c h e d e l i c a l l y
love the feel of the clay, a vessel from the earth

in the 70's I was an independent soul, a worker, a dreamer
on my own, new state, new state of mind
climb the Colorado mountains, hit the Denver streets
first love, first husband, first job, first house, first divorce

in the 80's I was a lover, a mother, an entrepreneur
digitized in a high tech world
my very own staff of computer geeks
second marriage, true love, mountain mama
baby boy, big brother

in the 90's I was a caretaker, a mourner, a searcher
one by one they faded and died
husband, mother, father
big dogs comfort me, hiking snowy trails
single mom, you are my sunshine
traveling, laughing, loving that boy

in the 00's I am an artist, a teacher, a traveler
and then there were none
college boy in his own life now, big brother with his own babies
see the world through the photo lens
new country, new job, new life, new loves
the world is my home

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